FAQ – outpatient surgery

You arrive to your booked appointment to our Surgical Hours. After the case history we listen your specific complains. After the physical examination we set up an aim oriented plan for further tests and therapy. We discuss he therapy options, alternative therapy, possible complications and the process of the operative and non-operative treatment with you.

The team of our Anesthesiologists leading by Monika Mirlach, MD, needs a so called preoperative preparation if we plan the operation under GA. This performs your General Practitioner and includes ECG, laboratory results and another specific investigations indicated by your GP. You will get an appointment contemporary to your operation with our Anesthetist. You should read and fill in the blue questionnaire of Anesthesia until your appointment.

Our Anesthetist will check all investigation results and the filled blue questionnaire. The Anesthetist will clarify the process, the difficulties and complications of the GA. After you gave your consent, you will get a copy of your signed blue questionnaire. Your Surgeon will take also consent from you about the planned operating method, after you have discussed complete all your questions. From this consent you can get also a copy. Our team will clearly tell you what you should do, particularly in which time you have to take your prescribed drugs. You will get an appointment for the operation.

On this day you should not drink, not eat, not take chewing gums and do not smoke! At the reception you give telephone number of the adult person who will accompany you after the operation. You should also leave a phone number under where your Surgeon can reach you at the evening. Our operation theatre team will advise you where you can dress and place your clothes. Please take a fresh clean T-shirt for the operation. Better you leave your jewelries at home. Our team will accompany you to the Operation Theatre.

Our theater team will observe you at the recovery room. After you wake up we will advise you when you can drink and eat. We offer coffee and tee. After stabilization of your body and your blood circulation, you can leave our institute with your accompanying person. This person would be called on time by our team. You will spend about 2 or 3 hours at our institute including the operations time. After GA you should not drive a car or a bicycle for 24 hours. An adult person should be with you for 24 hours. Before you leave us, your blood circulation and the bandage will be checked. Your appointment for the next day will be handed to you.  Our team will advice you what you should do and what you should not do, and will advice you which time you should take the handed painkillers. In case of disturbances you reach us by our phone during our surgical hours. You will get an emergency number after the surgical hours. Your Surgeon will call you at the evening to ask about your state, pain, problems etc.

The operation will be again discussed. The bandage will be changed. You get advices about your next recommended behavior and how often you should take painkillers. The next appointment will be set in our institute or at your general practitioner.