Welcome to our website of our Private Surgical Institut

Welcome to our website of our Private Surgical Institut

About us

We provide X-Ray, Ultrasound and endoscopic investigations; we perform operations under local and general aesthesia in our Surgical Institute. We have Surgical hours for accidental injuries, fractures, for hand surgery, for thyroid and parathyroid diseases, for varicosis (enlarged veins on the lower extremity) and for deformity of the foot. After therapy aimed diagnostics we discuss with you the possible therapy options. We take consent clarifying the right surgical procedure, the complications of surgery and anesthesia. We perfom the operation in our Private Clinic or at the Hospital. Individual pain therapy is indicated postoperative by us and by our anesthetists. We guide you in your recovery as long you need.

Portrait Rita Peller MD
Rita Peller MD

Senior Consultant of General Surgery
E.B.S.Q. in Endocrine Surgery

Portrait Mark Bardenheuer MD
Mark Bardenheuer MD

Senior Consultant of General 
and of Orthopaedic Surgery

Surgical Hours

Monday 8 – 12 am 3  –  6 pm
Tuesday 8 – 12 am 3  –  6 pm
Wednesday 8 – 12 am 3  –  6 pm
Thursday 8 – 12 am 3  –  6 pm
Friday 8 – 12 am      

Our Institute is located close to the Munich Airport

How to make appointments

During our Surgical hours per phone. You can leave your phone number via e-mail or via our fax. Next day afternoon we will call to contact you to make an appointment. In case of emergency you will get immediately an appointment for consultation.

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